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18 Feb 2016
All the best with the new season boys! Lets hope its another successful one.
18 Nov 2015
Well done on the championship win. Well deserved!!
17 May 2014
Heard about the new signing boys!!! Keep her lit #HONABU
07 Apr 2014
Good start to the season lads. Keep it going!!!
07 Apr 2014
Well done on the new signing lads. Keep up the good work!!!
16 Dec 2012
Hi there. Iam just looking for few archives from your club history. My father played with ye when ye won the great britain championship in 82 and was wondering would ye have anything (paper articles/video etc) from that time? who could i contact that might help me?
23 Jun 2012
HI John Roche can you email us please. We have your wrong email. Thanks
17 May 2012
Great to hear your doing well boys. Keep up the good work!
03 Jan 2012
happy new year to all in the club.i wish you all the best in 2012,wish i could pull on the green and gold again.
05 Aug 2011
hi i was wondering if you have a ladies team??
17 Sep 2010
Probably o'neills in town! just near millennium square!
15 Sep 2010
Hello, Do you recomend anywhere in Leeds/ west yorkshire to watch the All-Ireland on Sunday? Thanks